Transform Your Life With The 13 Keys Coursework

The Journey of Self-Actualization is not an outer one. It’s an inner one.

If you have a basic understanding that energy is greater than matter,

and that we are first and foremost energy beings, this course is for you.

(And if you don’t, you can bet your sweet ass you will by the end.)

My definition of self-actualization:

The pursuit, execution, and realization of your greatest potential, in its highest timeline, in its fullest expression.


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A tool is simply a key to open and unlock the doors of challenge.

Every frontier ever traversed by seekers and explorers has required a proper set of tools to confront the possible challenges along the way.

  • The game has changed.

  • The paradigm has shifted

Enter the 13 Keys—new tools for the new frontier.

Those who succeeded knew that when push came to shove, the most powerful tool in their toolbox was the power of their focused mind.

  • The search has deepened.

  • The final frontier is within.

Why the 13 Keys?

The 13 Keys Coursework was created to introduce you to new ideas regarding the mechanism behind self-actualization—the power of directed consciousness.

As such, this coursework is designed to help you move away from limiting thoughts, debilitating programs, and societal conditioning—programs and conditions that keep you stuck, stagnant, or complacent—towards your goals, dreams, and visions.

The result will be living a more purposeful, intentional, creative, and joyful life through the paradigm of energy and the prism of Conscious Creation.

Introducing The Circlétron —a much needed

update to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Self-actualization as it exists:

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self- actualization exists at the top of a pyramid, suggesting it is an endpoint or ultimate / pinnacle state.

Self-actualization as reimagined:

Self-actualization reimagined as The Circlétron is a never-ending, dynamic process of expansion into the unknown self.

The Circlétron represents a simple, easy-to-understand roadmap of possibilities for your soul’s journey. It’s also an information grid to help you achieve your goals and find your tribe in this lifetime.

Along your journey through The 13 Keys, you will also be introduced to the evolution of common and uncommon models of understanding, as well as original concepts, including:

  • The Chart of Your Divine Self : as explained through the mind, matter, and energy.

  • The Hero’s Journey : as the evolution of consciousness.

  • The Perception Machine : including how you can see through it to transcend it.

Chart Of Your Divine Self

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The 13 Keys unlocks

the doors of the new energetic paradigm

Humanity is

shifting into.

Because the paradigm has

changed, obviously we need a

different set of tools for the

journey Headline

Throughout the 13 Keys Course, you will:

  • Consume and grasp new ideas and concepts as I take you on a journeythrough the lenses of art, history, geometry, religion, Newtonian and quantum physics, logic, music, epigenetics, love, storytelling, the new "Hero's Journey," and the artist’s way to name a few—all in an approachable, easy-to-understand, sometimes comedic manner.

  • Learn new ideas about the nature of consciousness, as well as how to direct the power of your focused awareness towards the

    betterment of not only your own life, but all of Humanity.

  • Understand “reality” in a new light, as well as how to execute upon the malleable nature of the fabric of reality.

  • Become the Conscious Creator of your life—and you will not only learn the information—but understand how to apply it towards Conscious Creation, demonstrated by stories from my own life.

  • Receive seeds of ideas that spark your highest potential—seeds that when brought into the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit—will nurture your ideas into blooms of physical realities.

  • Receive an 82-page, full-color creation tool, as well as a walking meditation called “The Avatar in the Crystal Ball."

About Tim Shields

I’m an author, writing coach, and literary collaborator. For six years I served as Dr. Joe Dispenza’s editor. Other giants in the field of consciousness and human potential I have collaborated with include: Dr. Tobias Moeller-Bertram (Dr. Toby), Mandy Cavanaugh, bioenergetics pioneer Harry Massey, and currently Dr. Zach Bush.

My work as a communicator of story and a distiller of complex information intersects with my passion for educating, teaching, and writing about humanity’s creative potential as it exists at the intersections of consciousness, quantum physics, healing, transformation, human potential, and society and culture.

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